The Cottages Long Term Skilled Nursing

The Cottages Long Term Skilled Nursing

It's simply home!

The Cottages at St. Martin’s is a community on St. Martin’s campus for elders requiring long term skilled nursing care (24-hour skilled nursing). It represents a transformation in the way elder care is provided.

Real Homes

St. Martin’s campus has 3 Cottages, with each Cottage containing 3 homes. Each home has been designed for 10 residents, including private bedrooms and bathrooms. The homes are small with an open floor plan, keeping the homes flexible and comfortable. Elders have access to a common hearth, with a living room, open kitchen and dining areas and also have access to outdoor patios and courtyards. Smart technology is used to create a comfortable and safe environment that fosters the well-being of the elders living there and those who work with them.

Empowered Staff

The innovative organizational structure in this model challenges the traditional nursing home hierarchy to create environments that empower elders and those who are closest to them. The direct-care providers function within self-managed work teams to provide the day-to-day care for the elders and act as managers of the home. These individuals, called Shahbazim, partner with nurses and other clinical team members to create an empowered clinical care team. The Shahbazim and the Clinical Support Team members remain the same for each house so consistency and familiarity become the catalyst for better caregiving and gives residents four times more contact and reduces staff turnover when compared to traditional nursing homes.

Meaningful Life

A radical departure from traditional skilled nursing homes with long hallways and determined schedules, The Cottages alters size, interior design, staffing patterns and methods of delivering skilled nursing services.

Its primary purpose is to serve as a place where elders can receive assistance and support with activities of daily living as well as clinical care, but without the assistance and care becoming the focus of their existence. The Cottages is a place where even the frailest and sickest amongst us can still experience meaning.

The Green House model is rooted in a philosophy of person-directed, relationship-based care. The model embraces elderhood as an opportunity for continued growth and development. It creates an environment in which individual needs are met because each person is deeply known and valued as creative, resourceful and whole. Article About Green Homes

“At conventional nursing homes, aides have to hustle residents out of bed, help them dress, escort them to the dining room by whatever time breakfast is served, and then perhaps whisk them off for physical therapy. These facilities struggle to provide even a smidgen of personal autonomy.

Here, physical therapists come to the Green House Homes. If they find a resident still asleep, they come back later.”

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