About St. Martin’s in the Pines

Our History

Over sixty years ago, the Rev. David Cady Wright, rector of St. Mary’s-on-the-Highlands Episcopal Church, was concerned that many of his parishioners would not have a dignified retirement. It was through Rev. Wright’s pastoral concern that St. Martin’s got its start.

In 1957, St. Martin’s In The Pines was a retirement home for 80 residents. Today, we are a comprehensive senior living and retirement community with over 300 residents. With the growth of our community has come the expansion of our elder care services. Our campus has a skilled nursing center, an assisted living facility, a secure Alzheimer’s community, and a new therapy and transitional care program.

We understand that each individual is at a different stage in life, and that the needs of our resident’s will vary. With this in mind, we established diversified living accommodations. St. Martin’s retirement community offers independent living, assisted living, memory care, short term rehab and long term care. Regardless of the community you or your loved one will be joining, specialized care is guaranteed.

Our mission to meet the physical, social, and spiritual needs of each resident has remained unchanged. St. Martin’s growth is guided by the Episcopal Foundation of Jefferson County, so our residents and their families can count on a sense of comfort and personal worth. While the religious orientation of St. Martin’s In The Pines is Episcopalian, we welcome residents of all denominations.

Our Stories


My husband and I were approached about being donors for The Cottages a number of years ago, not thinking we would have a need for St. Martins.

After visiting and learning about the project, which was the first of its kind in Alabama, we gave a gift. Since that time we have made an annual gift to St. Martin’s.

Then four years ago, my 90 year old mother-in-law was living independently in Texas. After a fall it became clear that she needed to be closer to family.

St. Martin’s has been the perfect place for her to live these past four years. St. Martin’s is in a central location, the apartments are nicely done with just enough room and there is a wide variety of activities offered. The residents know one another and watch out for each other. As needs have changed we have been able to find resources to keep her independent.

-Anne Warren

Words cannot express my feelings of gratitude for your wonderful organization. I remember too well my desperation…it was such a wonderful feeling of peace to know that my gentle, sweet sister would get the perfect care…I wish the enclosed donation in her memory could be tenfold, and even that would not be enough to express my gratitude to all of you.


Four and a half years ago I knew how fortunate we were that my mother could move into the Assisted Living. It was even then an answer to my prayers. But I could not have imagined how truly significant this move would be for her – and for me.

When my mother took her last breath, a nurse cried on my shoulders and when several staff members came by to say goodbye, tears in their eyes…everyone grieved with me. This place is unique, and I am so very, very grateful.

Thank you for your ministry!


Thank you for becoming my home away from home and caring for my wife in her last years. The staff treated her like family and I will forever be grateful.


The staff cared for my mother with such caring tenderness. Whatever would I have done without St. Martin’s. Her final days were filled with joy, peace and she was surrounded by family – her St. Martin’s family. Thank you.


My dear sweet uncle has been a resident in the apartments for over 6 years. Every time I come to visit – it’s like coming home to a family reunion. Knowing that he is cared for and loved gives me and my siblings such peace. We are indebted to your staff.


In May 2010, I had the difficult task of calling my cousin Barbara Wagenbrenner in Connecticut to inform her that it appeared her mother, Ruth Lambert (my Aunt) had suffered a slight stroke. Barbara, being so far away stated that she didn’t know what to do or where to start. I simply said, “Start with St. Martin’s”. Having grown up in the Birmingham area, I knew that St. Martin’s was the answer to any question we would have.


I started the journey off by speaking with Violet Lyons in Skilled Nursing. After our discussion she determined that Ruth would be better suited for Evergreen- Assisted Living. Violet then introduced me to Nicole at Evergreen. I explained the situation to Nicole and she agreed that Evergreen would be a good fit for the situation.


When Barbara was able to travel to Birmingham, she was still nervous about my selection. How could she not be, Birmingham itself was unfamiliar to her. When she got in the cab at the airport, the conversation with the cabbie eventually got around to St. Martin’s in the Pines, he eased her worries, “The Best in Birmingham” he told her.


She mentioned the situation to a random person in a local grocery store; they too said “St. Martin’s is the top option”.


The next couple of weeks were rough; Ruth’s overall health had her in and out of the hospital before finally settling in at St. Martin’s. By this time, Karen, the Administrator of St. Martin’s Assisted Living had joined our journey helping us and explaining everything that we needed to understand. It was at this time that we learned about Joell and the companion service, “St. Martin’s At Home.” Since we both work full time, this was the greatest situation for both Barbara and I to feel more comfortable at the beginning.


A week or two into Ruth’s stay, she became ill. By this time, Barbara was back in Connecticut, so I received the call that she was being transported to St. Vincent’s. I rushed to get there so that she would not be alone. When I walked in the room and saw that the St. Martin’s At Home staff member had accompanied Ruth to the hospital and would stay, I cannot even begin to describe the sense of relief. It was during this hospital visit that Ruth was diagnosed with cancer.


At that point, everything is blurry and all I can say is Nicole, Karen, Violet, Joell and countless others helped us get Ruth settled into the “Rose Suite” in the Skilled Nursing section for her final days.


This was when we were introduced to the Hospice staff, all of which provided incredible support and guidance for both Ruth and the family.


From the beginning to the end, every person associated with St. Martin’s in the Pines was helpful, supportive and comforting. For this, we are eternally grateful.


-Barbara Wagenbrenner (daughter)

-Jody Kallman (niece)

When Mom came to St. Martin’s she was not very outgoing. Her desire was for her family to allow her to stay at home by herself and she had no interest in socializing. Now she dresses up, puts on her make-up, loves going out to eat with the other elders on the bus, and she participates in all activities. Thank you St. Martin’s

Your care managers are a very special group of people, they are wonderful. They all spoil Mom. She has blossomed here – this is what we dreamed of when we were making the decision to place Mom in assisted living.

The attention Mom gets from your nursing staff is phenomenal! They notice everything. They are very attentive to any problem she may have.

Thanks for getting back to me. Everyone is amazed at my mother’s improvements. It is as though she has been gone for two years, and came back within half a week of moving into Evergreen Assisted Living. It is absolutely incredible.

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