COVID Weekly Update

February 19, 2021

Dear Friends,

The Jefferson County COVID-19 positivity rate has decreased to 9.3% and continuing on an improvement trend. Our county is designated as “yellow” which indicates improvement and it is our pleasure to let you know that for the third week in a row, we did not have any positive cases reported from testing. Residents and staff are feeling more confident as a result of this news but we must remain diligent in our processes of using masks, washing hands and using PPE in questionable areas. 

The first dose of the vaccine was administered on December 30 to healthcare staff and residents. Walgreens returned on January 20th to administer the second dose for them and the first dose for others. All residents and staff have been offered the vaccine and those that accepted have now had both doses as of Wednesday, February 10th. Several new residents and staff members had the added opportunity to receive their first shot and a second in three weeks.

Key information:

  • The positive rate in Jefferson County has decreased to 9.3%
  • All residents and staff tested negative for the third week in a row! 
  • The positivity rate in Jefferson County is now yellow.
  • Updates are received on a regular basis from the CDC and CMS.
  • We are hopeful that visits will begin soon and planning a process to do so. Your patience is appreciated.
  • The Arbors dining room is open with two residents per table.
  • The vaccine was administered to The Arbors, Woodside and Evergreen residents and staff on Wednesday, January 20th. The booster shot was given February 10th.
  • Regardless of accepting the vaccine, we are asking all residents and staff to please be diligent about wearing a mask over mouth and nose, practicing social distance, avoiding crowds and washing hands.

Should you wish to drop supplies for a resident, you may do so at the security gate. We suggest nonperishable items only to avoid spoilage. Arbors residents may have deliveries left at the vestibule in The Arbors.

In closing, thanks to those of you who have shared encouragement and prayers for not only your loved ones but the St. Martin’s family as well.  We find meaning in your support and are so grateful.

Carol M. Holzman
President & CEO President & CEO

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