COVID Weekly Update

January 15, 2021

Dear Friends,

The Jefferson County COVID-19 positivity rate has increased to 17.3%. With our routine testing, the rates at St. Martin’s are stable in Evergreen, Woodside and The Cottages. The Pines currently houses COVID-19 positive residents only. We have had one employee test positive and is quarantined at home. All residents in The Cottages tested negative, one in Woodside and one in The Arbors tested positive. One resident in Evergreen is still quarantined but all others are up and about. The community dining in Woodside and Evergreen will resume Friday, January 15. The positive resident in The Arbors is quarantined in their apartment to minimize spread of the virus. The dining room in The Arbors will remain closed until February 11.

The first dose of the vaccine was administered on December 30 to healthcare staff and residents. Walgreens is expected to return on January 20th to administer the second dose for some and the first dose for others. On the 20th, we expect all Woodside, Evergreen and Arbors residents and staff to be offered their first dose. The booster shot will be administered on February 10.

Key information:

  • The positive rate in Jefferson County has increased to 17.3%
  • New positive cases are stabilizing throughout the community at this time.
  • Employees that have tested positive are quarantined at home.
  • All Woodside residents but one, are free to move about the Woodside community and the dining room will be open on Friday, January 15th.
  • All Evergreen residents but one, are free to move about the Evergreen community and the dining room is currently open.
  • With escalating numbers in Jefferson County, all visits throughout the campus have been suspended to protect residents and staff.
  • The vaccine is due to be administered on Wednesday, January 20th and again on February 10th.
  • Please be diligent about wearing a mask over mouth and nose, practicing social distance, avoiding crowds and washing hands.
  • Everyone; family members, residents and staff, are tired. We ask that all do their best to be kind.

Should you wish to drop supplies for a resident, you may do so at the security gate. We suggest nonperishable items only to avoid spoilage. Arbors residents may have deliveries left at the vestibule in The Arbors.

In closing, thanks to those of you who have shared encouragement and prayers for not only your loved ones but the St. Martin’s family as well.  We have felt your support and are so grateful.

In gratitude,

Carol M. Holzman
President & CEO President & CEO

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