The benefits of socialization for seniors

As your loved one ages, consider a life plan community while they are still able to reap the benefits of socialization. Loneliness and isolation can deteriorate an elderly person’s conditions much faster than one who maintains an active social life and has continued intellectual stimulation. Social activities geared specifically toward seniors provide physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. Some of the many benefits of senior social interaction include improved brain health, lower risk of depression, slowed health decline, increased physical activity, reduced stress, and lower blood pressure.

The best life plan communities put a strong emphasis on social activities for residents. St. Martin’s in the Pines makes it our aim to nourish the mind, body, and the spirit. The social atmosphere at St. Martin’s contributes to your loved one’s happiness, spiritual peace, and longevity.

St. Martin’s keeps seniors active through group activities such as fitness classes, art classes, events, and encouragement of hobbies. Whether we’re hosting an outdoor carnival, a 1920s jazz night, costume theme days, or outdoor concerts, there’s always something fun going on at St. Martin’s. In September, we were proud to offer our “Brews and Tattoos” event, where residents adorned themselves with temporary tattoos while enjoying cold beer. By attending events like these, seniors are able to participate in conversations, feel connected with others, and reduce stress by doing something they enjoy. When St. Martin’s is not hosting specific activities, we are encouraging seniors to stay busy through their favorite hobbies, such as knitting, gardening, playing games, reading, and more.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our community is not hosting large group activities, but is instead finding creative ways to entertain and socialize residents in small groups. A large part of this is done through art—including using activity and coloring books—and both small-group and individual games. Even during these challenging times, you can be sure that St. Martin’s will provide your loved one with the socialization they need to remain active, mentally sharp, healthy, and happy.

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