Alleviating Pre-Move Anxiety in Seniors

Moving is stressful at any age and in any life stage. When moving your loved one into a Life Plan Community (CCRC), that stress and anxiety may be magnified. Even though a wonderful community awaits them, your loved one may experience sadness and worry associated with leaving a home in which they are familiar and have many special memories.

Here are some ways that you can help to ease the transition:

  1. Be Patient: The best thing you can do to help ease anxiety is to be patient with your loved one. There are a lot of emotions involved in parting with a home. Understand that it might take them some time to sort through their belongings and figure out what they should take. Help them talk through certain items to determine their purpose and value in the new home.
  2. Understand What’s Meaningful: Although you might be tempted to get rid of that old blanket or knick-knack they’ve had forever, there are certain items that are more meaningful than others. Understand that what might seem trivial to you could make a difference in your loved one feeling comforted. Not all items that are meaningful are necessarily valuable.
  3. Secure Valuables: And on the subject of valuables—be sure to sort out what items are valuable and need to be preserved for passing down. Ensure that these items either have safe keeping in the new home or are secured with a trusted family member elsewhere.
  4. Help with the Packing: Offer to hire packers or do the majority of the packing yourself for your loved one. Sorting through a home is already stressful enough; you don’t need to overwhelm your loved one with the thought of making sure everything is packed and padded in boxes as well.
  5. Keep Old Favorites: Although moving into a new home often comes along with the excitement of new furniture and decor, in this scenario, new isn’t always better. By bringing in your loved one’s favorite chair, wardrobe, or wall art, the new place will feel familiar and a little more like home.


Overall, you can help to ease the transition with your time, effort, and support. Show your loved one that their new community will still feel just as homey while providing the amenities and socialization they need. If you’re interested in learning more about the steps St. Martin’s in the Pines takes to make residents feel their most comfortable, please click here today.

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